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Best Food Caterer Halal Certified

Best food caterer the new halal caterer on the block

We are finally certified by MUIS as a halal caterer. We decided to be a halal certified caterer early in 2020 before the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker was a massive hindrance for us to get halal certified. We have always been a caterer that used halal products in our cooking thus we decided to take the step to be halal certified by MUIS to be more credible to our muslim friends looking for food catering. 

Our Chef’s speciality

Now that we are halal certified and a full fledged halal caterer we would like to share with our customers some of our menus. In particular, our malay catering menus. Malay catering food is one of our chefs forte coming from a background at a 5 star hotel in melaka he specialises in muslim and western cooking. 

HPB Malay Bento

This is a set that we crafted for teacher’s day series which gained alot of popularity among our customers for being a healthy menu approved by the health promotion board.

View menu here

Sedap Nasi Lemak Mini Buffet

One of our mini buffet that is popular among all our customers either muslim , chinese or indian. Nasi lemak cannot go wrong at a party especially with our homemade sambal.

View menu here

Fried Mini Spring Rolls

Basmati Nasi lemak Rice

Signature Curry Chicken

Crispy Ikan Bilis w Peanuts

Stir Fried Chilli Long Beans

Special Otah

Homemade Sambal

Ice Longan Grass Jelly

Malay Mini Buffet Set

For those looking to have a small gathering of either 5 pax or 10 pax we have our malay mini buffet set. This menu is a selection of our favourite malay dishes.

View menu here

Nasi Briyani

 Ayam Masak Merah

 Mutton Rendang

 Sambal Long Bean


 Gula Melaka Sago

Malay Buffet

For corporate event catering or home functions we have our malay buffet menu. A menu comprising 8 dishes which provides customers with ample choices to select from.

View menu here.