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Best Food Caterer | Bento Set, Halal Bento Sets
by Best Food Caterer

Halal Bento sets | Best Food Caterer Menus

Bento Meals are always the favourites when it comes to having quick, fuss-free lunches at seminars, school, roadshows, or any other smaller-scale events. These Meals are always easy to distribute, giving guests a yummy tummy-fill and energy to keep them going. What's more, Bento Meals do not need setups or tear downs. This is especially ideal for spaces that do not accommodate a line of buffet.

Another perk of ordering Bento Meals is its economical benefit. At Best Food Caterer, we have a variety of Bento Meals starting at $5 per pax. These are Value Bento Sets which offer 4 dishes. You can choose from a wide choice of mains like Steamed Rice and Side Dishes like Butter Vegetable, Kung Pao Chicken, Vegetarian Samosa and more. Besides the standard bento meals, we do have the Vegetarian Value Bento Set as well. Delicious vegetarian dishes included in these value meals consist of Chap Chye, Vegetarian Spring Roll and Sambal Long Bean. Such Value Bento Meal Sets are highly recommended for events where there are many guests and you’re looking to cut down on food expenses.

Besides the Value Bento Sets, we have Deluxe and Premium Bento Sets that cost up to $13 per pax. These sets serve up to 5 or 6 dishes, with a wider choice of enticing dishes for your guests. In our Deluxe Bento sets, you can expect to serve your guests dishes like Sin Chow BeeHoon, Honey Drumlet, Sambal Long Bean, Tempura Golden Scallop and more. These are available for just $9 per pax! For the Premium Bento Sets that we offer, you can look forward to prime dishes such as Creamy Pasta, Thai Lemon Grass Chicken, Cereal Fish, Mixed Butter Vegetables with Garlic, Ebi Prawn and many more! These Premium Bento Meals are ideal for guests who are short on time but are expecting higher standards, exquisite meals.

As the trend these days is to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Best Food Caterer will also be serving Health Promotion Board Approved Bento Meals! These sets are perfect for guests who are worried about unhealthy eating and gaining a few pounds. With these healthier Bento Meals, your guests can expect favourites such as Brown Rice, Skinless Meat Options and Fresh Cut Fruits.

At Best Food Caterer, we offer exclusive discounts for online orders. Purchases of 50 sets can expect a 5% discount and free delivery. Orders of 100 order sets come with a 10% discount and free delivery as well. For postal codes starting with 34, 35, 36 and 37, you will be entitled to free delivery on your Bento Meal Catering. We are dedicated to serving you with high levels of excellence and professionalism in all our deliveries. Our Bento Meal recipes do not disappoint and will keep you and your guests wanting more!

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