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Best Food Caterer | CNY buffet Catering Singapore
by Best Food Caterer

CNY buffet Catering Singapore

With 2020 coming close to an end, it’s time to leave the memories behind and move forward to a new beginning. What better way to start a New Year by popping champagnes, enjoying awesome buffet food and keeping friends and families closer to you. Nothing speaks more to our hearts than the annual Chinese New Year Catering we all look forward to! As 2020 slowly ticks off to the last minute, it is time to prepare Spring Cleaning as we usher in the New Year 2021, the year of the Ox!

Chinese New Year Catering in Singapore has always been the tradition and norm in every visit or office get- togethers during Chinese New Year. Locally adored cuisines served during Chinese New Year are a must-have and what better way than to cater from a professional Chinese Buffet Catering in Singapore! At Best Food Caterer, we understand your pain points of having to prepare all the details in perfection for your guests. From the Lightings, Chinese New Year Decorations, to the other essential elements such as Food, Entertainment, and so on. You get what I mean. It is such a busy period for mums, dads, anyone. Why not let someone else take charge of the food segment so you can focus on the other important details. We have a team of experts to ensure that you can leave your mind in peace knowing that your food will be professionally handled by one of the best CNY Buffet Catering in Singapore.

Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate and have spectacular cuisines with our friends and families. To ensure that our festive menus scream the ambience of Chinese New Year, the dishes are hand-picked by our Specialty Chef. For our Chinese New Year Catering Menu, you can expect the traditional favourites that are welcomed by all folks. Think Abalone, Pineapple Fried Rice, Spring Rolls and many more! These dishes are constructed by our In-House Chefs to ensure that they leave your taste buds wanting more.

Not to forget, our local favourite – Yusheng. The combination of raw vegetables, mixed spices, Abalone or Raw Salmon pieces, and a great number of sauces that bring us prosperity, luck and wellness. Yusheng is a must-have in all Chinese New Year Catering. At Best Food Caterer, we provide one of the most authentic, mouth-savouring Yusheng Combo sets that comes with all the ingredients, spices and sauces you need for your Yusheng Tossing. Add one of our Speciality Yusheng Combo to your CNY Buffet Catering to bring in all the good luck, prosperity and wealth to you and your family.

At Best Food Caterer, we believe in bringing you only the best when it comes to CNY Buffet Catering in Singapore. We are dedicated to serve you with high levels of excellence and professionalism in all our deliveries. Our Chinese New Year Buffet Menu will not disappoint and leave you and your guests wanting more! Happy Niu Year! 

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